Molecules in Berlin

Throughout my time in Berlin I decided that my favorite photographs I had taken were of the people that make up Berlin. My final project theme became: Berliners' lives from an outside perspective, which I presented in front of my class on our final day. "the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence" This is … Continue reading Molecules in Berlin


Majestic public transportation

I am head over heels for Berlin. However, from the first day we arrived I was not happy with the location of where we were staying. Everything is about an hour away and a lot of planning in involved whenever we want to go anywhere. It is like living in the inner suburbs of a … Continue reading Majestic public transportation

Germany, oh how I’ve missed you

I am abroad again!  Traveling to new places is obviously exciting - there is no doubt about it. Yet it seems to be a pattern that I choose places I have already been to before in my life for study abroad. Freshman year: London, then dialogue #1 Spain and now I am in Berlin for … Continue reading Germany, oh how I’ve missed you


50 years later and still running

As she found her bib number under her name, K.V. Switzer, and pinned 261 on her sweatshirt, Kathrine Switzer had no idea that she would later turn into an iconic athlete and feminist. On the cold and dreary day, April 19th 1967, exactly 50 years ago, Switzer, a 20 year old Syracuse student, was ready … Continue reading 50 years later and still running


New beat, new blog – back to writing

I know there has been a very long silence coming from my blog, largely to do with my busy co-op experience last semester, but now that I am back in classes, continuing to pursue my passion for journalism, I am writing again! It turns out that for one of my classes it is assigned to … Continue reading New beat, new blog – back to writing


The Importance of House Maintenance Regarding Solar Panels for Winters to Come

With the winter having swiftly passed (hopefully) without as much impact as last year's East Coast storms, it is important for all who reside in states where winter is harsh, in terms of snowfall, to be mindful of house damages due to snowfall. This can be due to prior winters or for winters to come. … Continue reading The Importance of House Maintenance Regarding Solar Panels for Winters to Come


5 Healthy Holiday Smoothie Bowls

Originally published on Northeastern Spoon University  When it’s crisp and chilly outside and all the trees are bare it’s hard to get into the holiday mood, especially if there isn’t a coat of snow yet. Not only that, but it is when most people throw all their healthy food habits out the window and go … Continue reading 5 Healthy Holiday Smoothie Bowls